Things I’m Loving Thursday: Coffee/Tea Nooks

So my love for coffee probably started back when I was a wee lad :). My dad is a coffee drinker;  needing that kick of caffeine to get him through his shift work. Also, having worked at a coffee shop franchise (Tim Hortons ) for a handful of years, the smell would cling to my uniform and follow me home. It was a good job for me while I was in high school, and I made a lot of friends; both coworkers and customers alike. I enjoy a hot cup each morning and the sound of it percolating makes me happy. And you sure can’t beat the smell of freshly brewed coffee!  I also make delicious iced coffee in the Summer.

I am also very fond of loose leaf tea. It hasn’t always been loose leaf specifically, however I have learned in the last couple of years that bagged tea is actually the leftover tea leaves/particles. “Tea dust” I’ve heard it to be called. I have fond memories of my Grandmother making me a cup when she used to babysit my brother and I. She is of English heritage, and so I’d say that my love for tea is innate within me! Tea also has numerous health benefits, and I enjoy a ‘cuppa’ each evening with my hubby! Since moving to the Canadian Forces base, I have decided to become an independent consultant for a Canadian based loose leaf tea company! They are a direct sales company who believes the secret to the best cup of tea is simply “who you share it with”. I feel as though I’m quite fortunate to have  found a way to sell AND keep buying delicious loose leaf tea!

All that to say, as much as I enjoy drinking hot beverages, (especially now that the cooler weather is upon us!) it can be pretty $expensive$ to go out and buy a coffee or tea from, say, Starbucks. I think it’s pretty safe to say, for the most part, that we likely have a coffee pot or kettle at home (heck, maybe even own a Keurig!)  So this is why today I am drooling over coffee/tea” nooks” or “stations”. Why not invite a friend or family member over and treat them to something warm and indulge – worthy from your own casa! These aren’t complicated to “create” or “build”. Find a table at a garage sale. Or reuse that dresser your child grew out of! They can free up your counter and cupboards, and help keep clutter in its place. Maybe you’d be more likely to make coffee at home if it was more aesthetically pleasing? I  wouldn’t dare say ditch the Starbucks entirely! I love me a good iced cappuccino every now and again!  😉 Just save those coffee dates for when you really need the convenience of them!  I’m all about a more frugal solution…plus, I think these coffee/tea nooks are super cute and I’m sure your guest would love to be treated to a tea latte at chez vous!

Coffee Station Coffee nook3

coffee nookcoffee nook Coffee nook5Coffee nook10Coffee nook8Coffee nookMy coffee nook And lastly, ours!


6 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Thursday: Coffee/Tea Nooks

  1. Oh my goodness, I never realized how much I NEEDED a coffee/tea nook in my life until RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. Seeing the pictures you’ve posted made me want one very, very much. Now I’m planning and preparing… lol. Thanks for sharing and giving me a new DIY project idea!!!

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