Things I’m Loving Thursday: DIY Furniture – Coffee Table Turned Ottoman

Happy Thursday, friends! If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s a DIY project!! There’s just something so satisfying in making something with your own two hands. I also love recycling/repurposing items. Today I’m going to talk about how you can turn any old coffee table (scoop one up from a garage sale, maybe!) into an ottoman. Sometimes, if you can’t use a particular piece of furniture (dated, worn out, etc…) I challenge you to repurpose it instead! Pinterest is great for finding inspiration and tutorials to follow. Ottomans are kind of multi- functional pieces of furniture, that allow you to place items on. But they’re also perfect for family rooms and putting your feet up on! They can create a more cozy, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in your home. They almost say, “come and sit – take a load off”! It’s also a great way to incorporate beautiful, designer fabric into your home décor (throw pillows aren’t always the answer). We actually made this project as a husband and wife “team”, and we did it last Fall. That was before I had my blog, so I’m going to share with you today. 🙂

1) To adjust the height, Matt first cut (and I painted eventually) the existing legs and reattached them.

2) Next, he added a frame so that it’d look more like an ottoman and less like a coffee table. The new wooden frame will work to help support the new upholstery. That big gap in the middle doesn’t matter since the whole thing is getting covered in foam and this way when the fabric goes on in has a nice flat side to wrap around and can get pulled straight under the table.

Framed "old" table

Frame surrounding table made from 2×4’s

3) A little math for spacing and a chalkline (or pencil line in our case ;)) to create a grid for drilling tufting holes…. Yay for wonderful  hubbies who are willing to help with DIY projects! ❤ (sorry, I suck at math so I can’t even begin to explain how he came to the final number and placement). I just knew I wanted squares, and that I wanted the short rows to be rows of 4!

Figuring out spacing for the tufting buttons

Thank goodness I have a husband who’s good at math. I think it may have looked like shiz if I had done this myself.

4) On the tutorial I followed, they ordered pre-cut foam (awesome! see original post for details) and attached to the wooden frame using spray adhesive. We just went to a fabric store and purchased foam there. 🙂

Foam top with tufting holes
5) Add batting by stapling to the wood frame. We did two layers of batting to really soften all the edges and make it nice and plush. Oh and we found that the easiest way to wrap and attach both the batting and the fabric was by laying it out on the floor and then setting the table upside down on top of it. That way we had easy access to the bottom which is where we were doing all the stapling. So from here on out the table will be on it’s back.

Stapling the batting to old it all together

6) Then the fabric! The fabric we chose was one that is a bit more thick, and therefore more durable. It also is subtle and doesn’t have a flashy pattern and can match with any décor. We both like more rustic styles. But it’s all about preference!  After checking about a MILLION times to make sure everything was lined up right (*ahem Matt!) and there wasn’t any fabric bunched up or creased under the table, we started pulling it tight and stapling it to the underside of the table. We kept the staples close together that way we could pull the fabric really tight without it making a bumpy edge along the bottom from uneven tension against the foam and batting. We found it easiest to do the sides first and then all the corners last.

Stapling the fabric

My husband is actually more precise than I am at folding corners! This was prior to him going to basic training in the military, believe it or not! ;)

My husband is actually more precise than I am at folding corners! This was prior to him going to basic training in the military, believe it or not! 😉

Already such a transformation! It looks good just like this…

Remeasuring prior to tufting

Checking the measurements to make sure we knew where the holes were in the foam underneath.

7) But of course, tufting makes it look better. More professional, in my opinion! 🙂 So I made up some buttons (also purchased at the same craft store) with the fabric and created some tufts (link to tutorial below). I purchased long needles just at Fabricland (I’m sure Michaels or Joann’s would have them too).

Sewing the fabric covered buttons

The final result is stunning! So pleased with how it turned out. 😀

Reupholsted Ottoman finished product



You can get the full details of the tutorial I followed at Inside Out Design

Instructional for tufting HERE

For another cool coffee table -> ottoman click HERE



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