Things I’m Loving Thursday: Target Christmas Home Decor

Hello all! I had mentioned how last weekend we started our Christmas decorating (I like to get a jump start on things 😉 ) and today I was browsing through the newspaper/flyers and came across one for Target. Now, Target is new to Canada as of 2013, but before Matt and I got married I lived close to a United States border. I would go over to go shopping occasionally and GREW TO LOVE TARGET! I absolutely adore Target – I could browse around there for what seems like forever. You can find everything there – one stop shopping is convenient! And I always go in for a specific thing, and end up coming out with numerous items. Gah! It’s trouble if you’re wanting to save and be wise with your finances. Just askin’ for trouble if you go in there ;). Sooo just wanted to point out that Target has SUCH cute Christmas home décor this year (every year?!) especially and wanted to share some of the pieces that inspire me. Super cute and actually, not too pricey. I think they would make adorable additions to anyone’s Christmas/Winter décor. Take a look and see for yourself!

I like these because they look more rustic. I also think it would be appropriate to leave them out all Winter, and not just the Christmas season.

TargetChristmas2Smith & Hawken Birch Christmas Tree (14.5″) : $24.99

Smith & Hawken Birch Trunk Star Lantern Candle Holder : $19.99

These particular items are cute, festive, and a bit more contemporary.

Target Christmas Home Decor


Threshold Resin Deer Figurine (white) : $16.99

Decorative Snowflake Pillow : $14.99

Threshold Berry Wreath : $22.99 (SALE!) 🙂


What didja think? These are definitely on my pre-Christmas wish list 😉 . I hope you liked them too and they inspire your holiday decorating this year!







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