Let It Snow?!?!

Hey all. Ok, so it has snowed so much here that we needed to shovel our driveway already. I’m talking 5 times! It’s only November! Now, I love snow before Christmas, but this.is.CRAY 😉 !

I mentioned how we love Christmas in our home. This is our first Christmas living “away” from our hometown. It’s also our first time renting (we had sold our house when Matt joined the Canadian Forces) and therefore it’s a brand- spanking new space for me to decorate!! I know it’s early, and technically, we won’t even BE here over the Christmas holidays, as are close enough to drive back to see both our immediate families. But I simply couldn’t resist! I wanted to make sure we had ample time to bask in our tree’s glory! It just doesn’t feel like the Christmas season without a little décor around the homestead 😉 . Something so wonderful about snuggling up with a hot chocolate, watching a cheesy Hallmark movie, and the glow of the Christmas tree lights on in the background. I love being surrounded by all things sparkly and glittery; it makes for great ambiance. So we put up what we could around our small (er) home. And the tree is tight – but it fits just barely! We had a wonderful day of decorating it on Saturday. There was snow and the Santa Claus parade was later on that evening, along with the annual tree lighting downtown. Can you say, “Perfect!”









So I wanted to take the time to share some of the Christmas touches around our place…

Christmas Shelf

I had fun arranging our shelf. I turned the wine glass upside down – making it a diorama, and then the stem is perfect for a candle holder. It’s filled with Epsom salts, and I had a little ornament from when I was a child. It’s a little girl in green, with a red hat holding a tree. We used to have a fireplace, but that didn’t stop us from hanging our stockings for Ol’ St. Nick! The shelf is a great place for them. My small sleigh is the perfect platform for my “N-O-E-L” blocks, the chalkboard printable is from Pinterest, and the dark frame is just from the dollarstore. So is the miniature evergreen tree, actually. I strung lights around it, and hung my new rusty, “N-O-E-L” ornament from it, tying a little ribbon on its wire “hanger”. The bows red and green matches the stockings and brings it all together, I think 😉 .

Christmas/Winter arrangement

This is our coffee table centrepiece. I will keep it out all Winter. It’s got a birch covered vanilla pillar candle, which is surrounded by pinecones, cinnamon sticks, birch branches, and acorns. You really don’t need anything fancy…I wanted to buy some potpourri, actually, but Matt just laughed at me. He told me we should go for a hike and we could gather some of these branches/pinecones/acorns ourselves. So, we did! It was a really fun today together, and I got what I needed 😉 . You can bake them, so they are “sterilized” and suitable for use. The cinnamon sticks are just from the grocery store. The whole arrangement smells ahhh-mazing!  I painted some of the acorns the other day with a copper-gilding from Martha Stewart. It makes them a little shiny and fits in with the rustic theme of it all.

Christmas Coffee Bar

With my coffee station/bar in the kitchen, I added our Christmasy mugs from Starbucks and other stores, and put a cutsey snowman on the shelf. He was a gift :). I also added another miniature tree. It just helps to make the kitchen more festive! I try to add something in every room of the house!

Christmas Touches

The nutcracker was a cute little stocking stuffer Matt got for me one year, and the tree was from a second hand store. The berries are from the dollarstore, and they can be manipulated/wrapped around anything. Sometimes I wrap them around a candle, other times they are on a mantle/shelf/window sill. They’re a great way to add subtle Christmas cheer! The chalkboard hangs in our kitchen by the coffee bar, and I will write different things on it at different times. It used to be a countdown while Matt was away at Basic Training. It was a picture, and I bought some chalkboard spray paint to cover the glass. It’s an awesome product to have on hand and it can turn anything into a chalkboard, really! The trunk is along the outside wall of our living room and is an antique given to me by my grandmother. Because of our tight living quarters at the moment, I’ve been using it more as a sideboard/sidetable.  I stacked a suitcase on top to give it some height. Along with our pictures, I placed more candles, a Christmas “Joy” wooden sign, a few ornaments, and a small nativity scene I purchased from an artisan at the “One of a Kind” craft show years ago.

snowflakes in windows

We hung a couple snowflakes in our living room, dining room and kitchen windows. I thought these were actually pretty good quality for being from the dollar store!
This ornament always makes me smile. It’s from my good friend, Grace, and she had given it to us for our first Christmas together. It’s two marshmallows on “chocolate” and “graham cracker” cookies dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Claus. It’s super cute and I believe it’s from Hallmark ❤ .

Tree Ornaments


tree ornaments tagsWe also have a handful of vintage tags on our tree as ornaments. I think it’s fun to use things for different purposes. We wanted our tree to have a vintage/old- worldly/traditional feel.





Tree ornaments star
Our tree topper is a star and I love that it’s more rustic looking. It’s from the DOLLAR STORE (surprise, surprise 😉 ) .





tree skirt

We don’t have a tree skirt, per say, so I simply use extra burlap fabric I have on hand. I think it gets Mocha’s approval 😉 .






ornaments pinecones

Our decorating went well into the evening, as we took breaks here and there. It really tends to be an all day thing with us, hah! But we have fun doing it. Just gotta put the Christmas tunes on and go with it!

Let it snow

tree ornaments bells

tree ornament sleigh

It’s full of lots of rusty ornaments, copper and gold and brown touches. I like that it’s a collection of things we’ve purchased together over the years. The bells and the sleigh were both from a craft show, the “Let It Snow” chalkboard looking ornament is from Indigo/Chapters. The “snow” sparkly covered pinecones are from Winners.

Tree ornaments clear bulbs

Burlap ribbon matches the skirt, and wraps all around the boughs. Last year I purchased some clear bulb ornaments and filled them with “snow” a.k.a. Epsom salts.




Oh, Christmas Tree

Well, that’s about it for now. I was able to highlight some of my favourite holiday décor around our home. I hope it adds some inspiration to your winter decorating this year! As for me, I hope it stops snowing and won’t continue until December 24th 😉 !








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