Things I’m Loving Thursdays: Flea Markets

Hello blog friends! I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long. Things have been busy!! I think that one of my New Years resolutions for 2015 will be a “blog journal” – full of ideas, and a TIMELINE that I can stick to. That will hopefully keep me more organized and will make sure I post more regularly. 🙂

Last Thursday I had my friend, Andrea, from back home (the town I grew up in) drive up to the base to visit me. Even though the weather was somewhat awful, and some of the highways were closed due to snow squalls, she braved the storm. She said it really wasn’t all that bad, and visibility was clear, so, I’m happy she persevered! Andrea brought her little one along and we had a great visit. She got to see where we we’ve been living, before we leave this house and get posted out in March.

Matt & Kobayne

She stayed over Thursday to Friday. We had a big of a girls night (Matt goes to bed early these days, and we’re night owls usually!)  and of course, tea was had. Cup after cup 🙂 . Andrea introduced me to one of her favourite DIY shows, “Flea Market Flip“.  It is AWESOME. So this, naturally, got us talking about home renos, DIY projects, and second hand stores. Eventually we decided that we should track down a flea market that we could hunt through. It was a little tricky finding a place that was open on a Friday, and not only weekends, but with a little Google power we found the winner!

Flea Market mall

The Grand River flea market. The greatest in Southern Ontario. Now, as much as I love vintage finds and antiques, I have NEVER been to an actual flea market before. I have to say, I have been missing out!

Flea Market

We were driving to Cambridge to go to a “Stampin’ Up” Christmas card makin’ party at her sisters that evening anyway, so we opted to head that way early…and that’s where we found this gem!

3 of Us

Even Kobayne, Ang’s baby boy, LOVED what he saw! 😉

Flea Market

Military garb

The military paraphernalia was so cool to see, especially now that my hubby is in the Canadian Forces and wears a similar uniform. Crazy to see THAT MUCH stuff that had been in WWII.

Firefighter stuff

The antique firefighter stuff was also SO cool. Matt just got his badge, and so I took a picture of these vintage ones to show him and compare how much they differed through the years. The answer is not too much, aside from nowadays you can get colour on them. Seeing it all sparked an idea for a graduation gift for him when he’s completed his training in March. He does appreciate the odd antique item, and I know he thinks old fire extinguishers are awesome. I saw one priced for $60 as opposed to some of the ones I saw on Ebay for like, $300! He wants one that looks like this – copper with a touch of brass. The one here was just a teensy bit too rusty for my liking, so I plan to check out a couple more flea markets before Spring!

Flea Market train sets

Flea Market

Flea Market ornaments

Flea Market

Flea Market fun

I hope you can appreciate the beauty and history behind flea markets finds. Happy treasure hunting!


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