Black Friday!

Ok, ladies. Today’s the day!! Time to get out there, fight through the crowds and get your Christmas gifts. Keep it clean though! Let’s remember to be classy 😉 .

Busy shopper

It’s Black Friday, and it’s time to SHOP OUR FACES OFF! I have a few tips to consider before you head out the mall today:

1. GET SERIOUS – make a list! (but remember to breathe)

2. Wear comfortable footwear!

3. Repeat after me…

“It’s not about spending money, it’s about SAVING money!”  <– I’m sure all the guys in your life are rolling their eyes right about now.

I was  SUPER stoked to find a long, casual,  Winter parka at Sport Check and I snatched it up earlier this week at $119! 40% off regular price. (Mine is black, but that colour is no longer available).

My coat


My pots


I also snatched up a “Red Thursday” sale at Sears on Logostina pots. Regular $999.99 on for $229.99. That’s $700 OFF, PEOPLE! We never bothered to register for pots and pans before our wedding because I had been given a set that were totally functional. Well, they were old (2 generations old!), and the handles were starting to crack. So I am SO ESTATIC with my new set!

Whether you are going out today, or hoping to shop in the comfort of your own home (Cyber Monday), I thought I’d pass these sales along.

These are some of my findings… so far

Michaels: 50% off all Christmas decor & if you have the app-every day they have two discounts going at different times… Like 25% off your entire purchase plus sale items.

Old Navy:  50% off everything!! (LOVE that place).

American eagle: BOGO 50% off but Friday or Monday might be 50% off everything – it was last year.

Bath and Body Works:  Buy 2 get 2 free! (only on their “holiday collection” -limited- but great for gifts)

The Gap: Should be pretty good. Last weekend it was 50% off everything. The Gap OUTLET is also 10% off you purchase for showing your CAA card, or buying their shopping bag.

Target: Good prices on everything today AND some good door crashers. Like video games $20 off and $60 Target gift card with purchase of certain electronics. Also, men’s and women’s sweaters are BOGO 50%off.

Suzy Shier: I know if you have an American Express or Visa credit card right now they give you an additional 20% off your purchase and sale items! They have sweaters and great accessories for BOGO 1/2 off.

Soft Moc: is an additional 10% off your purchase for signing up for their emails… JSYK 😉

Carters:  is an additional 20% off everything this week.

Sears: 40-50% a variety of their men’s clothes and women’s clothes.Their winter coats are 60% off.

Home Depot: Buy a real or artificial tree and get $25 to spend in the new year on $100 or more.

Sport Check: has 50 and 60% off tons of sweaters, running shoes and boots. Sweaters for $17-$29!

Garage: 40% off online orders plus free shopping.

Indigo: 25% off toys both in-store and online!

Walmart: has free shopping with no minimum purchase- makes shopping SO easy!

I just thought I’d pass some of these bargains along. Hope this helps some of you! We are hitting the mall tonight to see what’s been leftover after the morning craziness! Hoping to catch a few  more deals. I know most people DON’T consider shopping to be a form of cardio, but I promise, power shopping can get the heart rate elevated 😉 ! And online shopping and getting good deals can do the same :). Happy shopping!!

exhausted shopper


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