PMQ For Two – Home Tour

After Matt finished his Basic Training in the Spring of ’14, I moved over to stay with him on the military base. After having owned our first home, it’s a little bit different renting. On the one hand, it’s nice to not have to worry about taking care of certain household things. While on the other hand, it feels very temporary, transitional and there’s some things we’re not allowed to do without approval.
I really do tend to enjoy unpacking. Setting up house is SO. MUCH. FUN. Packing is not enjoyable for me, however, and it was difficult to pack up our first home especially, and to not have Matt there made it even worse.
This has been our home since July, and we are so thankful to have been reunited. Husband and wife together again!

Here’s a glimpse into our humble home.

Wanted to keep things simple, and comfortable in our living room. We opted not to paint, as we are only here for 7 months. This antique trunk was given to us by my grandparents, and holds some boxes of old photos, as well as a few board games. I decided to use it as more of a side table, as it used to be our family room “coffee table” and we just don’t have the square footage at this place like we did before.

Dining Nook

Our dining area area is a nook, of sorts. The house that we got doesn’t really have an eat-in kitchen, either. The living room has more of an awkward nook at the one end of it, so we put our dining room table there.

Looking in from the dining area, we see the kitchen…


Cupboard space is limited, and we only have one sink, with no dishwasher hook up *sigh. But I think it’s rather cute all the same…



And my favourite part of the kitchen…

Coffee Bar

Coffee bar2

The coffee/tea bar! An absolute necessity 🙂

Off the kitchen there is another room for laundry, and an under-the-stairs storage. I’ve added shelving since taking these pictures and it is essentially our walk-in pantry.

Let’s go back through the living room and head upstairs.

The first room to the right is our master bedroom.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom2


Across from room the master, is bedroom #2, which is our guest room.

Guest room

And then then we move further down the hall to the bathroom.




Across from the bathroom is our 3rd bedroom, however it had tons of boxes still in it that were unpacked when I took these photos. It’s now our office! I really should take some updated pics…

The house was especially warm and welcoming when it was decorated for Christmas.

All in all, it has proven to be a comfortable safe haven worthy to be called ‘home’.


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