Good News!

Happy weekend, guys! I hope things are going well. Other than getting groceries, we just stayed in. Laundry, cleaning, made some soup…reading, baking, rented a movie. Not super busy; productive enough, but low-key.

We received some EXCITING NEWS last week…some GREAT NEWS!! Matt got posted to…our TOP CHOICE! We will be staying IN THE PROVINCE!!! We are so grateful, as this means that we’ll only be about 3 hours away from where we grew up. Just far enough away from the parents – JUST KIDDING! We love our families ❤ . Matt is graduating March 20th and afterwards we will be moving. This will be our first military move (we moved ourselves onto the base that we’re on now). I’ve been doing some reading on the relocation service that will be moving us. It helps to know what you’re entitled to, and to know what to expect. We’ll be having our meeting with them the first week of February! So looking forward to this. 😀

HappySo, yeah! We are so, so happy. It will be ideal to start our family and still be near our extended families. Matt is also really happy to be working at this particular firehall, as it’s brand-spanking new! It’s a multi-million dollar station and the only station in the Canadian Forces that is doing a trial for the 24/hr. shifts. Matt is really looking forward to graduate this Spring. I know that these next couple months are going to FLY by. I am in the midst of planning a firefighter themed grad party! I have the guest list and the food figured out so far… just need to find a location! This year (in April) it’s his “dirty 30” birthday, too (why do people call it that, anyway?). I have a couple of parties to plan! It will be a busy Spring.


I think we will be taking a “house hunting trip” with this relocation service company. We would love to be able to buy again. We have been actively looking, and came across some really charming character homes within our budget. 😀 We are praying that some of them stay on the market long enough for us to go check out in March!

far better things ahead

That’s all the news for now. Just wanted to check in and keep you all updated! We are so thankful to have received word on Matt’s posting! God is so good!

Good things

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “Good News!

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  2. That is so great! We’re still waiting to find out my husbands posting, today was the date they gave but they definitely love stringing us along! We put CFB Halifax as our top choice but we heard only one person is going there. CFB Kingston was our second choice which would be still close (within 8 hours) to family. CFB Borden was our third choice but it wasn’t on the list they gave his course. So, I pray we just find out soon no matter where we end up! 🙂 Good luck with preparing for the move!


    • Yes – so familiar with th stringing along. Ugh. If Borden wasn’t on the list, what was your third choice? We didn’t even know numbers at all – never knew which bases were needing a specific number of positions. It’s a good thing there’s a God who’s bigger than all of this! And who already knows where we’re going. Thanks for your well wishes and kind words. 🙂


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