Things I’m Loving Thursday: Mocha

I know, I know…some of you may be thinking “Ooh, a recipe for something chocolate mocha…” but that isn’t the case. Today’s post is merely on my pet CAT, “Mocha”. 🙂 And she’s sweeter than any caffeinated beverage you might indulge in. Just have a read and see for yourself:

Crazy cat lady starter kit

I’m a cat person. What can I say?  I know there’s a type of person that usually has cats or “gets” cats. I love how weird they are. How particular they can be. How they can be sweet one minute and then just spaz out the next. Most of all I love trying to figure out why on earth they do the sometimes random things they do.

I had 2 cats growing up. I have great memories with them. They were just always there. Every childhood birthday, every holiday. I never had a dog (much to my dismay…I’m just an animal lover!)  We got our first kitten, Frisky, when I was 8 years old. My dad brought home a fluffy ball of fur; a male kitten. Then I fondly recall my brother and I fighting over our new toy pet. A couple of days later, my dad came home with another sweet, grey kitten. This time, a female. We named her “Misty”. Now we each had one, and we didn’t have to fight. Makes sense to me! We were so ecstatic. My mom was none too pleased, however, as she was unaware that my dad went back to get a 2nd kitten!

We got our kitten, the last year we were in our first home (unbeknownst to us). It was right before Thanksgiving, and I had been bugging asking Matt for months. He had a dog growing up, so he wasn’t too keen on felines. He had always envisioned us getting a pet for our children; when they were old enough to learn responsibility and would help care for them. He had first began talking about joining the Canadian Forces, however, and he knew basic training might get lonely for me. We went to the humane society (actually, Matt went first beforehand. He went directly after work, saw Mocha and fell in love with her sweetness). I was excited to meet the kitten he had picked out prior to my visit. But I felt a little annoyed that he had went without me. I needed to see this kitten for myself. Needed to double check his efforts. Needed to make sure she was “the one”. What did he even know about cats, anyway? 😉

Mocha - kittenMocha stretchingMocha

She was in a cage with the rest of the kittens in that litter. The others were pretty cute, but she, for sure, was the CUTEST. We took her into a room, where we could play with her a bit. She was a little timid and unsure of us, too. Her colouring was beautiful; her coat a soft light brown, with black stripes, almost. White was under her neck, on her paws, and around her cute little button nose. Oh, and on her belly 🙂 . And oh, so sweet. Espresso, chocolate and hot milk…hence her name. 😉 She is a domestic short hair (better for furballs…and people with allergies?) and is a tabby cat. And ❤

We signed the paperwork, and they kept her until she was of age to adopt, and so the vet could look her over. They fixed her there, too. So when we went with the carrier to pick her up she had to wear a sad cone around her neck for a few weeks. We took it off though – gave her breaks. Just long enough for her to be able to eat and groom herself without it getting in the way. She hated the thing…

Mocha our conehead

Mocha - without cone

Mocha playing

She is honestly quite weird. But I love that about her. She’s the perfect balance of curiosity, playfulness, and snuggliness (it’s a word). I love how she tries to crawl into tight quarters and random spaces, and appreciates being cozy. I love her cute little “mew” whenever we get the milk out of the fridge. I love that she follows me around quite often. I love that she can make fun out of the simplest of things, like shoelaces and a paper ball…or a feather that escaped from our down pillows. I love her intensity when watching birds fly, snow fall, and leaves blow around outside. She greets us when we come home, whether she was just sleeping or not. That’s love 😉 .


Curious CatMocha IkeaCat in closet

Sleeping in her bed

I realize that this post may be a tad bit strange to some – she’s “just a cat”! But I can honestly say, I love this cat. She’s my companion. It helped having her around to keep me company while Matt was away for 3 months. I can’t help but laugh at some of the weird and crazy things she does. And I’ve told Matt  before  if I wasn’t married, I would likely be one of those “crazy cat ladies” 😉 . No shame.


Mocha - matt leaving

Here she is just watching him pack to leave for basic training. Staring at his clothes…all before getting into his empty suitcase.


How can you not love her?!

IMG_2200IMG_2201??? IMG_2202I know this guy does…even if he’s “not a cat person”.


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