An MRI, Among Other Things

Hey – It’s been awhile! Things have been busy here. I’m afraid I’m running behind in the blog world! I’ve been trying to get things sorted out with our posting, as well as the details regarding our house hunting trip. We are SO looking forward to moving and just having a chance to put down some roots in the community. We have been looking at real estate and we are excited to buy again! We’ve really been praying that we find a welcoming church that we can be a part of, and that honours God’s truths in the Bible.

A couple weekends ago we drove down to Niagara Falls to visit with some family. On the Saturday we went to a play place for a party to celebrate our eldest nephew’s FIFTH birthday! It was a pretty awesome indoor playground. There was a climber with 5 slides, mazes, zipline and plasma cars to ride. There was even an area for basketball and air hockey! You could tell the kids had a blast – they were running around all over. My nephew didn’t even want to stop to open his birthday gifts – he was having too much fun. 🙂

Monday “Family Day”, a statutory holiday here in Ontario. Matt didn’t get the day off, however, so it was back to the training grounds for him! We are excitedly counting down the days until he graduates!  He only has one more test to go, which is awesome 😀 .

Last Tuesday I went to IKEA with a friend. Oh, how I love IKEA. I feel more organized just browsing around. I picked up this cool (and super affordable) storage unit that I’m going to use for our office/craft room. I came across a cute idea on Pinterest for this item as well. So I’m going to spray paint mine black, and add wood to the front of each basket. I’ll paint the front with chalkboard, label the drawers and add handles :).

Wire basket storage IKEA Antonius

Wednesday I had my MRI. Read my story here. It was a bit nerve wracking… knowing that it was a mid day appointment, and Matt would be training. I’d never had an MRI before and it was a different medical centre than the one I was used to (I never had any reason to visit it before now). Anxieties were kicking in. I was BEYOND thankful when my friend, Grace, wanted to know how it was going with the medication I’ve been taking. I updated her, mentioning the MRI, and she jumped at the chance to offer to come along with me! So wonderful. So she drove 2.5 hours to see me for 2.5 more hours before we headed on over for my appointment. So supportive <3. It really helped to have her there and we just kept on chatting/visiting up until they called my name in the waiting room. It was a successful test, however, they injected something called “contrast” intravenously, which apparently I am allergic to (who knew?! 🙂 ). It is something that allows them to see more abnormalities and (in my case) brain tissues more clearly. They took scans with and without the contrast agent. They unhooked my I.V. only to see hives breaking out on my neck. Ugh. Soo, we had to stay a bit longer! It was nothing that some antihistamines (Benadryl) couldn’t fix, but definitely didn’t get out of there as quickly as I would have liked to. After a cold compress and a drowsy car ride, Matt had a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me on our dining room table. It was a lovely surprise! Now, we are just awaiting the doctor’s report 🙂 .



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