Now That Spring Is In The Air…

…except it’s not, really. Sadly, enough it was just snowing yesterday. And temps have been -20ish. How nice 😦 . Did you know that Niagara Falls (our original neck of the woods) is partially frozen over?!?! CRAZINESS!! Don’t believe me? Oh, and check out the daredevil who climbed up it!daredevilNiagara falls frozen

Why does it seem like the Winter months tend to drag on so much? I don’t know about you, but I for one, am completely over this weather. SO looking forward to warm, Spring days ahead! It may be bone chillingly cold out there, but it is ALL SPRING in our home right now. See for yourself! 😉

I try to spread the seasonal décor throughout the house. This can cut down on clutter, as well as help to bring about a cohesiveness within every room.

Sometimes a bouquet of flowers is all you need! So fresh and such pretty colors. I tend to be drawn towards all things green and purple this time of year. I try to be creative, using what I have. I tend to use teacups as home décor, just because I have so many in my collection. I picked up the rabbit on the kitchen shelf at floral gift shop a couple years ago. The brown and yellow bird (unsure of the “type” of bird) was purchased from Winners, whereas the blue bird (on our living room antique trunk display) is from a houseware/gift shop in the Niagara region. The “Crown”  mason jar “vase” is an antique and was given to be from my grandmother. The kind of vintage looking “Nellie’s”  tins in the laundry room I got from a garage sale AFTER the actual soap was used, and they hold my homemade dryer sheets in one, and clothespins in the other. The third I’m using as a plant holder for some wheat grass. Those same tin cans can be found at HomeSense. The birdcage was also from Winners, and lastly I found my plant pot from IKEA.

Printables I used can be found here and here.

Dining Room:

Dining shelf

half of shelf

Flowers - Dining Room Table

Flower Arrangement
Living Room:

Trunk Display - Living Room
trunk display right side

trunk display left side
Living room end table


Spring chalkboard

Crown Mason Jar Vase

Crown Mason Jar vase

Kitchen shelf

Laundry Room:

Laundry decor

laundry room decor

Guest Room:

Guest Room Spring decor

Guest Room Spring decor

Now my home screams “Spring!” and it’s so refreshing, especially compared to that awful white stuff we’ve been getting so much of. All I have left to do is decorate some eggs, and pick up some Easter candies for our candy dish (Cadbury Mini Eggs – *drool). I may attempt to create a Spring wreath, if I’m feel adventurous enough!

Wishing you warm days ahead,


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