I Have A What?

Pituitary Adenoma. Basically a “common benign tumour in the pituitary gland”. These are the results of the MRI scan I had a few weeks ago. The diagnosis sounds a lot scarier than it is. And for that, I am extremely grateful. Apparently 10% of people can develop one of these little guys before their death. Crazy! Some of the tumours secrete one or more hormones in excess – this is what it’s doing in me. So, basically, this type of tumour I have specifically accounts for 30% of all pituitary tumours. As of now, it is affecting my fertility. And causes some dandy headaches, among some other not so lovely symptoms. In the mean time, something like this tumour requires regular blood work and monitoring until the day that it is either removed (surgery) or it shrinks. Actually, the medication I’ve been prescribed can work to shrink the tumour entirely – which is our prayer.

Pituitary Tumours

So where do we go from here? Well, the medication I’ve been given has been working effectively – YAY! It acts to balance my hormones by preventing the excess my body is creating. And my cycle has returned, so we can continue trying to conceive! Actually, many people with these tumours can still have families. Which is SUCH a relief 😀 .

When I first got these MRI results, I was pretty upset. And worried. It was scary and unpleasant news to hear.

When you receive bad news it can be like a toxin that overwhelms our soul and then tries to strip us of our joy. It seeps into our hearts, and leaves us wondering what will happen to us. It can sometimes stir doubt for how God will help us through whatever circumstances we are facing…

But then I opened up to a verse in the Bible that gave me hope. I am not just saying that because the Bible is filled with encouragement…I mean this in all seriousness…I was filled with real hope reading this scripture. The kind of hope that helps you press on and live confidently no matter what circumstances overwhelm.

“They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.” ~ Psalm 112:7

Do not fear bad news

Oh how I need to remember this daily and cling to this truth!

I pray that if you have been in a season of enduring bad news, received bad news today, or perhaps face it in the future…I pray you would meditate on this verse and confidently trust that God loves you and will care for you.



3 thoughts on “I Have A What?

  1. Wow Mandy scary but I admire your positive attitude and I’m so glad it’s something that can be dealt with! I also had never seen those two verses you had quoted at the bottom – LOVE THOSE!!! I know what it’s like to be told hard even devastating news.. it took me about a month to shake it off. Wish I would have seen that Psalms 112 verse back then! 😉

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