He Graduated!

Well, it’s over! Finished. Terminado. Fini. Finito. All done!!! MATT HAS GRADUATED!! After what has felt like THE absolute longest year (+2 months) of our lives, Matt has finished his military firefighter training and has graduated!! It was a busy and eventful year for both myself and him, in different ways. We sold our first home, Matt went to basic training. I moved in with my in-laws, attended Matt’s grad and visited him there, and then he moved to an air force base to await his course training in firefighting. I quit my job of 5+ years and we went on a cruise after being apart for a few months. I eventually moved up onto the base with him, and he began training. Transition after transition, change upon change. A crazy year of highs and lows/ups and downs. He was so stoked to graduate and to be done with the studying!!

When A Man Becomes A Firefighter

Matt’s parents came up to visit us the night prior to his grad, which was nice. The ceremony was last Friday, and was only about 20 minutes long. It was held right in one of the truck bays, which was kind of cool.There was 18 people in his class, and much like any graduating ceremony, they were called up one by one.

CFFA building

Grad podiumMatt's grad QL3sMatt's grad accepting certificateThe officers inspected the graduating class, and congratulated them. And then they were acknowledged and presented with their certificate and their seals. And of course, pictures with the family were taken afterwards! We all went out for dinner together afterwards to celebrate, and it was a wonderful day.

Matt's QL3 grad

Matt & I at his gradI’m so proud of his determination and hard work! I’m such a proud firefighter wife :D.

So looking forward to this next chapter in our lives!

Married A Firefighter


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