So We Bought a House

This week we have been on our house hunting trip with the relocation service that moves military personnel. We left on Monday so Matt could clear in, get his uniform, meet some coworkers and report for duty. Tuesday was our first official day of house hunting. We spent a good portion of that day driving around town with our real estate agent and saw 9 properties. It was a super busy day!  Our agent was born in raised in the city the base is in, and he lives in the town next to it. He was giving us quite the tour! It was so nice to see all the city had to offer and he pointed out anything he thought would be of interest to us. He was so knowledgable about places, and recommended both restaurants and things of a recreational nature. What I thought was SUPER cool, was the fact that he is a volunteer firefighter! Such a neat coincidence. It gave Matt and him something to chat about. He mentioned that his ex-wife also works in the health care system and that is MY career field. He actually used to be on the board for a charitable, non-profit social service agency that supports individuals with physical disabilities – exactly the type of organization I used to work at! He was filling me in on all the places I should apply to when I’m looking for work. It was awesome to have such a positive experience working with someone whom we had never met before this point, and was just referred to us. Tuesday night we went out for supper to a popular burger joint and to the movies to watch “Insurgent” (<– which was awesome!) Wednesday we spent the day driving to check out in the country checking out the more rural properties that were further out from the base. Most places we walked through we’re NOTHING like the pictures on the listing we saw online, unfortunately. There was lots to be done, and the renovations that were done looked more like “DIY” projects gone wrong. As the day went on, I couldn’t help but feel discouraged. Where did God want us? What community and which house would be a good fit for our (soon enough) growing family?! Finally, after 17 houses in 2 days, there was a great one. A promising one. One that actually was pleasing to walk through. One that wasn’t located across from a police station and close to a Dairy Queen that was just robbed (true story. That really happened). A house that wasn’t beside a tractor trailer service (one property we saw WAS). One that didn’t have cracks in both the foundation and the plaster walls. Room to grow into. Plenty of storage space. Within an 8 minute drive to the base, and on a quiet circle within a town. The very LAST one of 17. We made an offer that same day. And the short version of the story is: we bought the house and couldn’t be happier! We’re super excited to complete some DIY projects and give it our finishing touches. Most of all, to have a place to call “home”.

23 Charlotte


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