Entering the Double Digits

Hey friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA! 🙂 Matt has been busy driving to work on another base and staying there for days at a time. We’re still living in the base rental on the base he trained at, so I’ve been holding down the fort while he’s gone away. 😉 We are anxious to move into the new house and get settled into a routine there. I plan to go back to work for a bit, which will help us with income when refinishing the basement there. So, I’ve been looking for work on my spare time. Also, I have been researching a bit about baby…what to register for, how we’ll set up the nursery, etc… We have names picked out already for baby K – whether it’s a boy OR girl :). We plan to find out the gender and do a gender reveal party of sorts. I DO love a good party 😀 !

I’m currently on the waitlist for a midwife, which is kind of a bummer, but something we’re still hopeful with and will continue to pray about. I’m 2nd from the top of the list, so fingers crossed!! Also, we are going for our first ultrasound next Tuesday – which we are super excited for! I was supposed to have one June 20th but thankfully, we were able to bump it up. I also need to go for an eye exam because when you have a pituitary tumour, I guess being pregnant can affect your vision. So that appointment will be later in July.

I’ve seen this idea all over and think it’s so cute! Not positive if I’ll keep posting the weekly pictures, but we’ll see how it all pans out 😉 . A week late, but here’s my 10 week photo! Double digits, feeling good and nearing the end of my first trimester. I’ll share the ultrasound next week :).

10 weeks

Not too much of a baby bump yet! I think the chalkboard pregnancy tracker is a cute, creative way to chart the milestones during my pregnancy.

How far along –  10 weeks
Total weight gain/loss Lost 2 lbs
Stretch marks None

Favorite moment this week – Rescheduling our first ultrasound (June 20th) to June 2nd! And finding out that military members can get FREE 3D ultrasounds!! 😀
Miss Anything Not really.
Movement – None yet! Although apparently the embryo is now a fetus and is moving around inside there!

Food cravings – I have been craving carbs, starch, and fruit (mostly strawberries)
Anything making you queasy or sick – I was a bit nauseous in the beginning, having strong food aversions… and felt quite tired! At this point I am happy to say I feel like I’m getting my energy level back.
Have you started to show yet – Slightly! I cant wait to have a bump!!
Gender We think were having a girl (intuition)
Belly Button in or out? – Innie 🙂

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Entering the Double Digits

  1. If you decide not to do it weekly, at least do it monthly. The change would be more drastic too 😉 Cute idea. If anything do it for yourself. The memory would be nice to have. Have a wonderful evening. Koko 🙂

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