Let’s Play Catch Up

Hey all! How have you been? Long time no…anything! 🙂 I wanted to catch you up a little bit on what’s been happening around here.

The weather has been lovely. Quite perfect, actually. I guess we have had a fair bit of rainy days, but I don’t mind those. And until this past Monday, it WAS Spring so – what did we expect?!

Preggo at friends wedding

Last week we were down visiting some family and friends in Niagara. We had a friend’s wedding to attend along with:

1) A friend’s birthday

2) A friend’s son’s 1st bday/gender reveal (she is expecting only 2 weeks before meee!)

3) Father’s day ❤

4) A sister’s (my sis-in-law) birthday

Needless to say, there were NUMEROUS cards purchased, gifts wrapped and shindigs to attend. But it was awesome to be able to celebrate such amazing people that have such great things that are celebratory – worthy!!!

So my best friend found out she’s having a little girl!! A sister for their first little boy <3. I am so excited for them and cannot WAIT to find out what we’re having first!! I am in my 16th week and still feeling pretty great. I actually felt the baby move around yesterday – which was pretty surreal. It’s neat how excited Matt gets when I tell him little exciting tidbits about what’s going on with the baby

Me : “This week it’s developing FINGERPRINTS!”

Matt: “Reeeally?!” *look of disbelief

Me: “This week my body is producing 50% more blood!”

Matt: “50%?!?”

The miracle of life is so…amazing. Words cannot even describe it.

15&16 weeks chalkboard

Anyway, plans for the gender reveal party are well underway and I planned the décor and menu while Matt was at work 😀 . We plan to go for a 3D ultrasound which offers a free package for military members – so awesome!!

We also have booked with a photographer for some maternity pictures in early October. I LOVE the Fall (favourite season!) and can’t wait for this upcoming photoshoot!

Anyways, other than that, not too much new here! Our move is fast approaching and Matt only has one more commute to work at the other base (3.5 hours away). He was always gone for 4 nights and it just seemed like it was forever. He has one more shift to drive up for on Tuesday, and then Wednesday he comes back to our place here. Then the military move process takes place!

Until next time,


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