The 3 of Us

The last few months have been really fun. Matt’s been off on paternity leave, and I have been off as well, so we’ve really been enjoying bonding as a family. Having your first baby is quite the transition – and in our case specifically, to go from being a married couple for 6 years and then having your first baby and now being your own family – it was so wonderful to both have time off to adapt to these changes together!

We have been visiting friends and family in the Niagara region every month or so, which is awesome because Levi has some grandparents, GREAT grandparents, aunts, uncle AND sweet cousins (also boys 🙂 ) to interact with! We went to check out the local zoo, and have been on many walks exploring different parks. He’s just at such a fun age and his personality is starting to shine through. He loves to giggle and explore absolutely everything around him! He just started this drag crawl (army crawl? 🙂 ) and is starting to get around the house. I’m both excited and slightly terrified to see him as a fully mobile toddler 😉 .He is now drinking a bit from his sippy cup and eating some solids – he always seems so eager to try new things! I’m quite proud of our little guy 😀 .

Levi strollerLevi walkLevi eating

The other week we got some wonderful family photos taken by Laura Fretz Photography, which was perfect as I wanted some updated shots for our gallery wall!

Klassen family3Klassen family4Klassen family5

I am definitely looking forward to what Summer brings and we are excited to introduce Levi to activities like picnicking, camping and going to the beach.

Klassen family2Klassen family1

I hope you all are enjoying the sunshine this weekend!


















He’s Here! 

Happy New Year, friends and followers! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We were blessed with our early arrival from our new bundle of joy! We happily spent the holidays celebrating the birth of our Savior with our families and close friends.


This little one is the main reason for my silence in the blogging world. Most of my time is spent with frequently nursing, changing and loving on him – and thankfully so! Add the usual busyness of the holidays and you can see how I’ve been a tad bit preoccupied! 🙂 Any free time seems to be spent tidying and, let’s be honest – napping! Yes, naps are my new favourite pastime. 😉

Levi James was born 3.5 weeks premature. He’s super sweet, has dimples and the cutest smile. We feel so incredibly blessed! 😀

IMG_1547-0 IMG_1580 IMG_1544-0 IMG_1549-0 IMG_1551

We had newborn photos taken by the talented Laura Fretz Photography when he was 21 days new 🙂 Here are some of my favourite shots:

IMG_1666-0 IMG_1667 IMG_1669 IMG_1668

So great being able to capture all his tiny features!

The next few blog posts in the new year will be likely maternity and baby related. Just want to offer a fair warning of what’s coming your way! 😉


As for right now, Matt and I are going to enjoy Chinese takeout and watch the ball drop later tonight. A bit of a different way of ringing in the new year this year than what we’ve done in the past, but we couldn’t be happier! 😀

HAPPY 2016! Here’s to a fantastic year!




11 Weeks Down & Counting


How far along –  11 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss 0 lbs.
Stretch marks No (and hopefully none to come!!)
Favourite moment this week – When Matt excitedly asks, “How’s our baby doing?!” 🙂 
Miss Anything Was a little bummed this week when we realized, hey, we won’t be able to go to an amusement park this Summer with friends. (I suppose we COULD, but I’d be limited to what I could do, and would the cost of a ticket even be worth it for me?)
Movement – None yet! Can’t wait to feel those kicks though! 
Food cravings – Toasted tomato sandwiches, dill pickles and ice cream – yum!
Anything making you queasy or sick – Still not digging meat too much. Although I have been having a hankering for chicken wings….
Have you started to show yet – Matt sees a bump! It’s a little one 
Gender We think were having a girl (intuition)
Belly Button in or out? In 

An Announcement 

Hello, my Bloggy friends!! I have been absent for WAY too long and I wanted to have a chance to catch up. I’ve missed blogging after the house hunting, and the planning of Matt’s graduation and 30th birthday party. I let things slide! But I’m super happy to be back! To kick things off again here at One Lovely Little Life I have an announcement to make…

YES, IT’S TRUE!! I’m expecting! So far everything has been fine and I’ve been feeling great. In fact, it all feels pretty surreal. Please continue to pray that this baby will keep growing strong! I am currently 7 weeks + 2 days…Baby K is due December 15th! We had been trying for just over a year, but once we found out what was wrong and I was able to get medication for it, it really didn’t take too long at all. And my hormones are all sorted out 🙂 .
This is the announcement we made to share our news with our parents and siblings:

So fun, right?! “Wanted to spill the beans that there’s a baby K brewing!” 😉 I promise to share the details and keep you posted with more regular updates! Thank you for all your prayers. I am so blessed to have such loving friends and family who support me and kept encouraging me. We have our first ultrasound booked for June 20th and we are anxiously awaiting to hear the heartbeat and see baby K growing!

Until next time,

Good News!

Happy weekend, guys! I hope things are going well. Other than getting groceries, we just stayed in. Laundry, cleaning, made some soup…reading, baking, rented a movie. Not super busy; productive enough, but low-key.

We received some EXCITING NEWS last week…some GREAT NEWS!! Matt got posted to…our TOP CHOICE! We will be staying IN THE PROVINCE!!! We are so grateful, as this means that we’ll only be about 3 hours away from where we grew up. Just far enough away from the parents – JUST KIDDING! We love our families ❤ . Matt is graduating March 20th and afterwards we will be moving. This will be our first military move (we moved ourselves onto the base that we’re on now). I’ve been doing some reading on the relocation service that will be moving us. It helps to know what you’re entitled to, and to know what to expect. We’ll be having our meeting with them the first week of February! So looking forward to this. 😀

HappySo, yeah! We are so, so happy. It will be ideal to start our family and still be near our extended families. Matt is also really happy to be working at this particular firehall, as it’s brand-spanking new! It’s a multi-million dollar station and the only station in the Canadian Forces that is doing a trial for the 24/hr. shifts. Matt is really looking forward to graduate this Spring. I know that these next couple months are going to FLY by. I am in the midst of planning a firefighter themed grad party! I have the guest list and the food figured out so far… just need to find a location! This year (in April) it’s his “dirty 30” birthday, too (why do people call it that, anyway?). I have a couple of parties to plan! It will be a busy Spring.


I think we will be taking a “house hunting trip” with this relocation service company. We would love to be able to buy again. We have been actively looking, and came across some really charming character homes within our budget. 😀 We are praying that some of them stay on the market long enough for us to go check out in March!

far better things ahead

That’s all the news for now. Just wanted to check in and keep you all updated! We are so thankful to have received word on Matt’s posting! God is so good!

Good things

Until next time,