Things I’m Loving Thursday: Fall Throws

I love getting a few seasonal throws. It’s an easy and fun way to change up a room without the expensive commitment of a major room overhaul! Not only that, but they are practical as the days turn cooler. Call me crazy, but even in the Summer months I enjoy watching a movie under the weight of a throw over me! I also enjoy the punch of colour they give against a dark or light couch or armchair. Our living room set is off white, and so it adds nice colour contrast when there’s a throw draped over. It also helps to add some texture!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite Fall throws and they range in price. They all come in various colours too, which offers flexibility with your current décor!

Click on the corresponding numbers below to learn more details about each throw:

Fall Throws1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Aren’t they awesome? They look so warm, cozy and inviting! Do you love Fall as much as I do? Throws are just another something  I happen to love about this upcoming favourite season of mine. It was just perfect to blog about them today on “Things I’m Loving Thursday” 😀 . Hope you’re having a wonderful week! ❤


Things I’m Loving Thursday: Signs of Spring

Why, hello there! Fancy meeting you here 😉 . I’ve been MIA lately and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. However, I wanted to share for “Things I’m Loving Thursday” and keep up the new “tradition”!

Life hasn’t really felt … blog worthy as of lately. I guess I’ve been having a case of the Winter blahs. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been many blessings this Winter. Just life hasn’t been too interesting. We’ve been reading lots (me) and Matt has been studying…there’s been lots of tea and hot chocolate. We went to the movies, and we took a trip last weekend to the flea market in the city near us. None of these details really felt like they were worth capturing in my blog. 🙂

We are, however, REALLY looking forward to Spring’s arrival! We had our first meeting with the relocation services company this past Monday. It helped to be able to sit down with a professional and plan things. She spoke with us about our military entitlements as far as the move goes, and it really makes us feel more organized about our first posting. This weekend, I’m going to a “leggings party” at my friends house. It’s a bit of a “good-bye” party for her, too – she is also a military wife. It won’t be a sad good-bye for me, though, because her and her hubby got posted to the same base as us! Next weekend we are driving back down to Niagara for our sweet nephew’s 5th birthday party! I can hardly believe how big he’s getting. I love parties AND I love party planning even more! Speaking of parties, Matt is turning the big 3-0 this Spring AND he will be graduating, so I’ve been in the midst of planning a party for him. I have the location firmed up, the guest list decided/invited, and the décor is “in the making”. It’s going to be a “firefighter” themed party. I’m planning on using more industrial styled serveware (e.g. galvanized buckets, crates, and a ladder among other things). I hope to find a fire engine or extinguisher at maybe, Marshall’s. Of course, Pinterest has some great inspiration. I will be sure to post pictures!

Today, as I sit with my cup of tea, I look out at all the white stuff and wish it all away! I decided to blog about Spring and some of the new fashion pieces I’m hoping to eventually add to my wardrobe. Some staples, like a classic trench. And some fun, bright things like a new floral scarf. A lot of it would be timeless and lasting in my wardrobe. I just want to freshen up my style a little.

Spring Refresh

1. Kate Spade New York “Rain Check?” Umbrella (Not necessary but really cute! Well, necessary if it’s raining… 🙂 )

2. Kate Spade “Jump For Joy” Hinged Idiom Bangle (Love the colours in this bangle.)

3. Stella & Dot Flora Chandeliers (These earrings are awesome! You can wear them 3 different ways – as a stud, mini chandeliers, or combine all three for a more dramatic look. I kinda want to ask for them from Matt for my birthday in April… 😉 )

4. Merona Women’s Woven Floral Print Infinity Scarf (Target. Need I say more?)

5. J.Crew Dulci Scalloped Suede Kitten Heels (I can’t walk in heels but kitten heels are great. The scalloped edges sold me on them.)

6. Essie “Madison Ave – Hue” polish (“A chic upper east side pink” 😉 )

7. Linea Essential 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (I need a cardigan. Love the pop of colour. I don’t need this EXACT cardi, but this green is awesome. Very Spring-like.)

8. Kate Spade New York Vic Crossbody Bag (I love the simplicity of this bag. I think Kate Spade’s designs are super cute. I don’t remember the last time I bought a purse.)

9. MAC “Candy Yum Yum” Lipstick (LOVE this colour of lipstick perfect for Spring.)

10. H&M  Loafers (I don’t have one pair of black shoes. Not even kidding.)

11. Choies Beige Color Block Double – breasted Trench Coat (I would wear this in the Spring and Fall. I love the silhouette of this. And the price is pretty decent. It’s so elegant!)

12. H&M Denim Jacket (I also don’t own a jean jacket. These go with everything!)

13. Essie “Avenue Maintain” polish (You can buy Essie polish pretty in so many stores.)

14. Sperry Top-Sider Washed Bahama Women’s Boat Shoes (They just seem like they’d be really comfortable walking shoes for both Spring and Summer.)

15. J.Crew Painter Boatneck Tee in “Indigo Stripe” (I forgot to add that there is a Kate Spade New York Gold-Tone Faux Pearl and Crystal Luster Frontal Necklace on that boatneck shirt.)

What Spring items are on your wishlist?

Things I’m Loving Thursday: Mocha

I know, I know…some of you may be thinking “Ooh, a recipe for something chocolate mocha…” but that isn’t the case. Today’s post is merely on my pet CAT, “Mocha”. 🙂 And she’s sweeter than any caffeinated beverage you might indulge in. Just have a read and see for yourself:

Crazy cat lady starter kit

I’m a cat person. What can I say?  I know there’s a type of person that usually has cats or “gets” cats. I love how weird they are. How particular they can be. How they can be sweet one minute and then just spaz out the next. Most of all I love trying to figure out why on earth they do the sometimes random things they do.

I had 2 cats growing up. I have great memories with them. They were just always there. Every childhood birthday, every holiday. I never had a dog (much to my dismay…I’m just an animal lover!)  We got our first kitten, Frisky, when I was 8 years old. My dad brought home a fluffy ball of fur; a male kitten. Then I fondly recall my brother and I fighting over our new toy pet. A couple of days later, my dad came home with another sweet, grey kitten. This time, a female. We named her “Misty”. Now we each had one, and we didn’t have to fight. Makes sense to me! We were so ecstatic. My mom was none too pleased, however, as she was unaware that my dad went back to get a 2nd kitten!

We got our kitten, the last year we were in our first home (unbeknownst to us). It was right before Thanksgiving, and I had been bugging asking Matt for months. He had a dog growing up, so he wasn’t too keen on felines. He had always envisioned us getting a pet for our children; when they were old enough to learn responsibility and would help care for them. He had first began talking about joining the Canadian Forces, however, and he knew basic training might get lonely for me. We went to the humane society (actually, Matt went first beforehand. He went directly after work, saw Mocha and fell in love with her sweetness). I was excited to meet the kitten he had picked out prior to my visit. But I felt a little annoyed that he had went without me. I needed to see this kitten for myself. Needed to double check his efforts. Needed to make sure she was “the one”. What did he even know about cats, anyway? 😉

Mocha - kittenMocha stretchingMocha

She was in a cage with the rest of the kittens in that litter. The others were pretty cute, but she, for sure, was the CUTEST. We took her into a room, where we could play with her a bit. She was a little timid and unsure of us, too. Her colouring was beautiful; her coat a soft light brown, with black stripes, almost. White was under her neck, on her paws, and around her cute little button nose. Oh, and on her belly 🙂 . And oh, so sweet. Espresso, chocolate and hot milk…hence her name. 😉 She is a domestic short hair (better for furballs…and people with allergies?) and is a tabby cat. And ❤

We signed the paperwork, and they kept her until she was of age to adopt, and so the vet could look her over. They fixed her there, too. So when we went with the carrier to pick her up she had to wear a sad cone around her neck for a few weeks. We took it off though – gave her breaks. Just long enough for her to be able to eat and groom herself without it getting in the way. She hated the thing…

Mocha our conehead

Mocha - without cone

Mocha playing

She is honestly quite weird. But I love that about her. She’s the perfect balance of curiosity, playfulness, and snuggliness (it’s a word). I love how she tries to crawl into tight quarters and random spaces, and appreciates being cozy. I love her cute little “mew” whenever we get the milk out of the fridge. I love that she follows me around quite often. I love that she can make fun out of the simplest of things, like shoelaces and a paper ball…or a feather that escaped from our down pillows. I love her intensity when watching birds fly, snow fall, and leaves blow around outside. She greets us when we come home, whether she was just sleeping or not. That’s love 😉 .


Curious CatMocha IkeaCat in closet

Sleeping in her bed

I realize that this post may be a tad bit strange to some – she’s “just a cat”! But I can honestly say, I love this cat. She’s my companion. It helped having her around to keep me company while Matt was away for 3 months. I can’t help but laugh at some of the weird and crazy things she does. And I’ve told Matt  before  if I wasn’t married, I would likely be one of those “crazy cat ladies” 😉 . No shame.


Mocha - matt leaving

Here she is just watching him pack to leave for basic training. Staring at his clothes…all before getting into his empty suitcase.


How can you not love her?!

IMG_2200IMG_2201??? IMG_2202I know this guy does…even if he’s “not a cat person”.

Things I’m Loving Thursday: The Sauce is Boss

Hey all! Hope your Thursday is going well. Wanted to post a little somethin’ somethin’ for this week’s “Things I’m Loving”. Lately my mind has been on the upcoming Super Bowl. Mainly on what delicious snack and/or app I’m going to bring when we go watch the game at our friends house. That’s why I go to Super Bowl parties – the food. Well, that and the awesome commercials ;). If I’m being completely honest here, I don’t even really know what two teams are playing…

I tend to add a dipping sauce to whatever I can, whenever I can. My pork chops need BBQ sauce, and my pizza (the crust especially) needs blue cheese for dipping. If someone puts out a veggie plate, please put out ranch sauce, or even a hummus dip – something to liven up those celery sticks! Often times sauces work to maximize the flavour of that food. And they can be SO good! I’ve compiled a number of sauce recipes I’ve seen lately and thought I’d share them! Some are new and on my “must-try” list, and others are tried and true:

Sweet Baby Rays. Hands down, a favourite BBQ sauce around here. The only problem is, it’s filled to the brim with high fructose corn syrup!! So that inspired me to look for a homemade option.

BBQ Sauce
Outback Bloom Sauce. It’s a copycat recipe from the Outback! This dipping sauce is deeeelish with onion rings!!

Outbak Copycat Bloom Sauce

Chipotle Cream Sauce. This one is EXTREMELY versatile! It goes perfectly with grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, fish tacos, linguine, chips/dip…the options are endless! And this recipe is one of those ones that isn’t REALLY a recipe at all. It’s made up of 5 simple ingredients, is easy to make, and you can tweak the flavours depending on what kind of chilli powders you have on hand.

Chilli Mayo Sauce

Red Enchilada Sauce. This one is another knock-your-socks-off-recipe :). The blog who posted this recipe guarantees that you will never go back to store-bought stuff again! It’s easy to make, and the sauce is also quite mild, JSYK.

Red Enchilada Sauce
Cajun Garlic Aioli. <– Mmm. One of my most used sauces. It’s a fancy mayo, seasoned with Cajun/Creole New Orleans spices. Perfect for any chicken sandwich you might make :D.

Cajun Garlic Aioli
Blue Cheese Aioli. So yummy on burgers and for dipping your pizza! The tanginess of the blue cheese and mustard  are mellowed out by the mayonnaise. Enjoy!

Blue Cheese Aioli
Caramelized Onion Hummus. A unique hummus. Simple, heart healthy and flavourful!

Carmelized onion hummus
Nacho Cheese Sauce. Matt and I both have a bit of a weakness for chips and dip. Look how creamy that is! This is a less processed nacho cheese dip. Yay!

Nacho Cheese Sauce
Chipotle Ranch Sauce. This is great for dipping whatever. Pizza, veggies, chips, and is good for potlucks, parties, games, and everything in between!

Chipotle Ranch

There’s these and so many more on my Pinterest page, with apps to go along with them. I’ll post it below – check it out! Kick up your food a notch and add a little spice to your life ;). Thanks for visiting!

Things I’m Loving Thursday: Pallet Art

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope your week is going well.

I have collected 4 skids that are propped up in the snow, leaning against our shed and are just calling my name ;). They’re just begging to be repurposed!!! I had hoped to make a Christmas sign with one of them…So today I am featuring pallet art and my love for it.

Pallets (aka – skids) are SO versatile and making signs, or art, from them is just one of the many ways they can be reused creatively. Here are some of my favourite creations:

Welcome pallet sign You have my whole heart

Family Values


I like the rosette that was added to that one (as the ‘O’).

Welcome pallet sign

"Eat" Sign for Kitchen

I  like how this one is entirely different, using the pallet to create letters.

Scripture on pallet

Pallet art can be so unique! I love the ones that look a bit more distressed and rustic looking. The best part is, a lot of people tend to want to get rid of them, and so you can get them for free. I had 2 of mine delivered right to my home – it was awesome!

I made a family values sign a year or so ago out of a pallet and was pretty pleased with how it turned out…

Family Values pallet art

We heard word from a reliable source that we will likely be finding out where we will be posted tomorrow (you can read the story here). I could always attempt this project:

Home is where the air force sends us

Hope you were inspired! Until next time…

Do you like pallet art? Why not share your designs? I’d love to get more tips and see your work!

Things I’m Loving Thursday: Cozy Blanket Scarves

I’m just loving all the ways I’m seeing that you can wear and style a cozy blanket scarf! Images of these gorgeous, oversized tartan scarves have flooded my Pinterest feed for the past couple months. The popular item is often sold out, so I continue to drool look over these images longingly, in hopes that one day I will have my own. I’m REALLY hoping Santa brings me one this Christmas 😉 . It’s a wonderful practical and fashionable accessory. Take a look for yourselves…

Blanket scarfBlanket ScarfBlanket scarfBlanket scarfblanket scarf

For tips on how to wear a cozy blanket scarf click HERE.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men!

Hello, hello! I hope you had a good day. Winter seemed to come early in November, then all the snow melted…and now it’s BACK again with a vengeance! As I sat here with my coffee this morning, the snow was coming down hard. I decided to wait it out a bit, to see if it would let up…but it just kept on coming! So, in between trying to psych myself up for shovelling and addressing Christmas cards,  I decided I ought to blog. It is, of course, “Things I Love Thursday”.

I had good intentions of getting ALL my holiday shopping done last weekend when we were out, but I did not…and my gift hunting will continue on this weekend. I love giving gifts and pride myself on thinking creatively about what someone could want or need. Gift-giving is usually my forte! However, with my husband, I really get challenged to “think outside the box”. He is quite particular, and often tells me he doesn’t need or want anything. I usually succeed with something or other but it can often be a struggle buying for men! I know I for one, want to show the men in my life my appreciation! We have done the tradition of stockings, and stocking stuffers since we’ve been married. While this is fun, it can lead to more brain racking! So today’s “Things I Love Thursday” = STOCKINGS!  And, true to my word, I’ve compiled a list of AT LEAST 50 or so, stocking stuffer ideas for all the guys in our lives. These are non-cheesy gift items for men of all ages, with all types of hobbies. These gift ideas come in various sizes, and at all different price points. So, without further ado…stocking stuffer ideas for menLinks may contain affiliate links.

1.) Syma Helicopter

Syma Helicopter

2.) Optishot Infrared Golf Simulator

3.) Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Harmony controller

4.) Black Box Innovations Personal Pocket Safe USB

5.) Pocket Ref

pocket ref

6.) Pocket Poker

7.) Deck of Playing Cards

8.) Nest Learning Thermostat


9.) Ryobi Cordless Drill

10.) Brookstone Candyman Candy Dispenser

11.) Logitech Wireless Mouse Trackball

12.) Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

13.) LeatherCraft Handyman Gloves

14.) Toothpaste Tube Wringer

15.) Shaving Kit

16.) Pomade or Wax

17.) Razors & Shaving Cream

18.) Nose/Facial Hair Trimmer

19.) Hand Salve

20.) Lip Balm

21.) BBQ Briefcase

22.) Gourmet BBQ Sauce/Meat Rub

Sweet Bourbon Glaze

23.) Cuff Links

24.) Tie

25.) C.D. – maybe a fun movie soundtrack

26.) DVD – maybe a childhood favourite

27.) Undershirts (You can buy a pk. at Costco and split them up between the guys in your life!)

28.) Boxers

29.) Wool Socks

30.) Scarf

31.) Winter Hat (a “toque” for all us Canadians – yeeeeah!)

32.) Handwarmers

33.) Gloves (different than aforementioned ‘handwarmers’)

34.) Magazine subscription

35.) Itunes Gift Card

36.) Concert Tickets

37.) Movie tickets (Costco sells them at a discount!)

38.) Fun Groupon (for a massage, fro-yo, or maybe a wine tasting)

39.) Starbucks gift card (THIS I would like to share with him 😉 )

40.) Travel mug

41.) Hot chocolate (or other fun hot drink packets)

42.) Gift card for a car wash or detail

43.) Guitar picks (Etsy has some great personalized ones!)

I pick you

44.) Car window decal

45.) Car air freshener

46.) Pocket size tire gauge

47.) Armor All wipes

48.) Car window scraper/brush

49.) Compass

50.) Swiss Army knife

Swiss Army Knife

51.) Wind-proof lighter/waterproof matches

52.) Phone/car charger

53.) Candy/gum

54.) Beef Jerky (nuts, sunflower seeds, other “man food”)

55.) USB drive

56.) Mini leatherman

57.) Earbuds

58.) Whisky stones (I got these for Matt last year and they work really well!)

Whisky Stones

59.) Flask (Etsy has some cool ones!)


60.) Cigars

61.) Wallet

62.) Money clip

63.) Utili-key

64.) Keychain

65.) Iphone armband

66.) Fishing lures

67.) Bodywash/shower gel

68.) Mini mag-light

69.) Golf ball/tees

70.) Baseball hat

71.) 365 Sports Facts-a-Year 2015 daily desk calendar

2015 365 Sports Facts A Year Calendar

72.) Protein bars/powder

73.) Cologne and/or cologne samples

74.) Bottle opener (Matt has this one and really likes it)

save water bottle opener

75.) Travel binoculars

76.) Flexible tri-pod

77.) Sudoku (or other puzzles) book

78.) Book

79.) Booklight

80.) Batteries (rechargeable)

81.) Lottery tickets (I get 10% if you win…I kid :))

82.) Nostalgic toy (from his childhood – Star wars, G.I. Joes, Legos, Hot Wheels)

83.) Handheld knife sharpener (Matt would LOVE one of these!)

84.) Handwritten poem or letter

85.) Homemade coupon book

Hopefully this can add some inspiration to your holiday shopping! Here’s to our men! Feel free to ‘pin’ any of these ideas to your holiday and gift giving Pinterest boards. Thanks for stopping by!