The advantages and disadvantages of mineral makeup

Like organic foods, mineral makeup is a trend that has been imposed because it is more natural. It has existed for several decades, but only until now has it become fashionable. Made from the same minerals as traditional makeup, the difference is that mineral makeup does not have irritants such as fragrances and synthetic dyes, which according to many dermatologists, is better for the skin. Here I tell you more about mineral makeup, its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the problems with makeup is that it can cause allergic reactions in many women. Some fragrances and other chemicals that constitute them can irritate the skin. That’s why, lately, the mineral makeup has returned to the ring as a better alternative for the health of the skin.

As the name implies, the mineral makeup is composed of minerals, is light for the skin to breathe and does not contain preservatives, talc, oil, dyes, fragrances, or other irritants. The latter is what differentiates it from traditional makeup, which contains this type of substances that in some people can cause allergies and, perhaps, other negative reactions in the skin. But in short, both are made from the same minerals.

So, is it really better to use the so-called mineral makeup? Who are the followers of this type of makeup, including some dermatologists, think so. The reason? The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that contains this type of makeup have anti-inflammatory effects, which is ideal for those suffering from some conditions caused by inflammation such as rosacea and acne.

In addition, the mineral makeup does not obstruct the pores (it is not comedogenic) and even offers some sun protection, as it contains ingredients commonly present in sunscreens. However, do not think that this makeup replaces the sunscreen.

But the mineral makeup also has detractors. In general, they attribute defects that have to do with their aesthetic function: that highlights the lines of expression and wrinkles instead of hiding them, which accentuates the pores and dry areas of the skin. In addition, some women say that if you have dark skin, it is not easy to find makeup tones that match the color of your skin. Many also complain that they are more expensive and do not really offer any visible benefits. On the other hand, mineral makeup without preservatives is more likely to be contaminated and that can cause skin infections.

As between tastes there are no dislikes and more when it comes to issues of makeup and beauty, the decision on which makeup to buy, is yours.

A tip: if you do not know exactly which product to choose, look for those that have a short list of ingredients. The more ingredients you have, the more likely it is that the makeup irritates you or causes you a reaction.

Of course, if you have very sensitive skin, if you have any condition on your skin, or if you have doubts about a particular product or the reaction that causes you, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

And do not forget to take care of your skin taking a healthy diet, protecting it from the sun and keeping it hydrated.

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